Why do I Need a Planner?

Why do I Need a Planner?

Qualified, accredited planners have a detailed understanding of how the planninglandscape-slider-resize system works and their role is to balance the needs of communities and businesses, with the environment.

A planner can assist you by providing specialist and independent advice on a development proposal, whether you are the applicant or a person affected by a development. A planner can also provide advice on how a change to local planning policies i.e. such as a change to the zoning of your land, may affect you.

Engaging a town planner will ensure that your development application process is astown pain-free as possible. Planners have detailed knowledge of exactly what the Planning Authorities will be looking for when they assess a planning application. A qualified and experienced planner will ensure that your planning application contains all the necessary information and supporting documentation, presented according to council standards.

If you are having difficulties with a development application, a planning consultant can assist you by liaising and negotiating with Local and State Government agencies on your behalf. A planner has the technical knowledge to present the merits of your proposal in the best possible light, and is able to advise you on alterations to your proposal to improve its likelihood of approval. This can avoid unnecessary delays, saving you time and money in the long run.

Our technical and legal knowledge, communication and negotiating skills are exemplary and enable us to present our client’s interests in the best possible manner. With over 10 years’ experience in both the public and private planning sectors, we specialise in statutory and strategic planning, policy development, master planning, land-use management, natural resource management, and community and rural development.